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Welcome to our secure shopping cart system. Click the "add" button next to a product in the table below to add it to your shopping cart, and follow the instructions as you go. You can change or cancel your order at any time. Be sure to read our upgrade, privacy, return, support, delivery, and export policies before making your purchase. Contact customer service if you have further questions.

Individual Licenses:
Individual licenses are the most straight-forward. Purchase one for each user or workstation where the software is installed and receive a download and install password for each license. As quantities increase, price per seat decreases.
EDGE Diagrammer 7.27 - Individual Licenses - Download
Part Description Price US$ Add to Cart
ED600S1PW Single User License $149
ED600S2PW 2 Single User Licenses $279
ED600S3PW 3 Single User Licenses $399
ED600S4PW 4 Single User Licenses $509
ED600S5PW 5 Single User Licenses $619
ED600S6PW 6 Single User Licenses $719
ED600S7PW 7 Single User Licenses $809
ED600S8PW 8 Single User Licenses $889
ED600S9PW 9 Single User Licenses $959
  Contact us for other quantities.    

Multi-user Licenses:
Multi-user licenses provide the convenience of a single install and password. You can install the software on multiple workstations and over a network. Note, multi-user licenses are based on the number of users of the software, NOT the number of concurrent users who will use it simultaneously. In determining the number of licenses you require, count each workstation where the program will be used. For example, this is often the same as the number of people on a project or in a department. For quantities not listed, contact a sales representative.
EDGE Diagrammer 7.27 - Multi-user Licenses - Download
Part Description Price US$ Add to Cart
ED600M10 10-User License $999
ED600M20 20-User License $1969
ED600M30 30-User License $2819
ED600M40 40-User License $3559
ED600M50 50-User License $4189
  Contact us for other quantities.    

Other Licenses:
If we can better serve you by quoting a price on a license customized for your particular needs, please contact a sales representative.