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LanFlow Net Diagrammer for Network Diagramming
With LanFlow you can create great looking LAN, internet, telecommunications, and computer network diagrams with the minimum effort. In just minutes, you can plan and document a network, show cabling and wiring, and communicate flows and processes. LanFlow includes 2D and 3D common networking symbols, outline symbols, and some basic block diagramming symbols. Plus you can add clip-art to represent specific network equipment from your environment. LanFlow is the easiest and fastest solution for managing and documenting your network.
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Local Area Network diagrams.

"Lanflow is the easiest and best network diagramming tool I've ever used!!! For network mapping Visio and the other packages I've worked with are too complex and hard to learn but your software was a perfect fit. Within ten minutes I had a great diagram with labels that was clear and to the point. And with the Object linking and embedding it made it easy for me publish my diagrams to the web or share them with my colleagues. I've been looking for a product like yours for a long time... it makes it easy to make very complex diagrams without even reading the manual! That can't be said about CAD, Visio or any of the overpriced products on the market I've used."
- L.M.

  "I found Lanflow to be perfect for preparing my Cisco Certification course. It is SO easy to learn and use. The notation is in itself useful and attractive, but the real clincher is that it lets my students design LAN/WAN networks using the same notation that's found in our course book Designing Cisco Networks. I recommend everyone download the free trial of this wonderful design tool."
- B.A.