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EDGE Diagrammer for Professional Design and Block Diagramming
EDGE Diagrammer is our most versatile diagramming tool. Create a wide variety of technical, presentation, and design diagrams efficiently and with the highest quality results. EDGE Diagrammer is all you need for block diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, family trees, data flow diagrams and more. Free extension packs are available to provide support for many different diagramming methodologies. EDGE Diagrammer is the one-product solution for all your block and flow diagramming needs.
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Flowcharts, Data Flow Diagrams, block diagrams and more.

Awarded highest rating by Ziff-Davis

"Most promising in its class" - 3D2F

"It would take about five pages to tell you how far superior Edge Diagrammer is to anything I have used before."
- E.P.

  "I have looked for years for a proper, useful diagramming and flowcharting tool and, while I'm not sure why tonight, of all lucky nights, I should find your product, I did and I am blown away. Thank you for putting in all the things that I've ever wished for in a tool!"
- M.D.
  "I really appreciate Edge Diagrammer. It works the way I think. I can get a lot of concepts and their relations down quickly and effortlessly."
- D.R.B.

  EDGE Diagrammer is great for creating data flow diagrams and block design diagrams. DFDs illustrate the flow of data from external entities into a system, and how this data is processed. EDGE is ideal for creating these and all similar design diagrams, as it includes all the necessary symbols as well as a number of useful templates. For clear, professional data flow and design diagrams, choose EDGE Diagrammer - the ultimate diagramming and flowcharting tool!