Product Comparison Guide
This feature-by-feature comparison of all Pacestar Software products serves as a supplement to the descriptions contained on the Product Family page. To find the product best suited to your needs, we recommend starting with those product descriptions, then using this table as needed to consider specific differences. The differences that are most likely to affect a purchasing decision are concentrated near the top for convenience.

Key Differences WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Background Layer
Separate foreground and background layers.
Link figures and labels to web pages, documents, or diagrams.
Connection Points
Attach connectors anywhere on a figure, not only at the center
Multiple Attach Modes
Attach connectors at centers of figures, at the click point, or at pre-defined connection points
Add memos (text notes) to any figure or label, visible when hover over with the mouse
Figure Labels
Attach text labels outside a figure that stick to the figure when it moves or is copied.
Lateral Connector Labels
Attach text labels to any connector above, below, or aside the connector line (not inline)
Auto-Label Figures
Define styles that automatically include an attached figure label
Junction Dots
Option to use dots to show when intersecting connectors connect
Color Schemes
Change the colors scheme of an existing diagram or subset of objects
Shapes and boxes that show 'groups' of others
Active Containers
Containers can automatically group sets of objects they contain
Scale a diagram and/or styles by a fixed amount.
Import Styles From
Import style definitions from another diagram
Save As HTML
Save diagrams as web pages including links and memos (as tooltips).
Multiple Sheets (pages)
Each diagram can contain multiple sheets (essentially pages).
Diagram Types
Symbol Sets
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Includes basic flowcharting symbols and templates
Basic Block Diagrams
Includes symbols and templates for simple block diagrams
Additional Block Diagrams
Includes more variety and advanced forms of block and design diagrams for business, database, and scientific work.
Extension Symbols
Includes free extension pack of technical symbols and diagram templates including ER (database) diagramming, org charts, logic diagrams, and more
Network Diagramming
Includes network diagramming symbols and templates, natively or as a free extension pack
UML Diagrams and Symbols
Includes UML symbol sets and templates for all UML2 diagram types plus non-standard extensions.
Documentation WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Online Help System
Comprehensive integrated online help system
User Guide
Comprehensive illustrated user guide including contents, index, illustrations, and screen shots.
UML Diagramming Guide
Additional online help and separate user guide detailing how to work with UML contructs and UML components
Advanced Features
UML Support
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Multiple Text Areas
Use shapes that contain more than one area for text
Stretch is like resizing for figures with multiple compartments. One or more compartments change based on how the figure is stretched. Primarily for complex UML symbols.
Stamp Connectors
Define connector fragments including an optional text label that can be stamped into place in one click
UML Terminology
Alternative terminology to conform with UML specification such as Nodes and Paths.
UML Pinnable Symbols
Recognizes special UML symbols that snap together to create more complex symbols, including qualifiers, pins, ports, interfaces, activations, lifelines, terminators, entry and exit points, and messages.
UML Associations
Create association labels that include the optional directional arrow.
UML Interfaces
Interfaces snap to appropriate objects, are labeled automatically, and drag intelligently, aware of their location and surroundings.
UML Message Sliding
Messages attached to lifelines and activations slide along the sequences retaining horizontal or vertical orientation.
Guillemet symbols can be added using toolbar buttons or by typing consecutive '>>' or '<<'
Collaboration Features WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
File Sharing Support
File locking and read-only support to prevent contention and file corruption on multi-user systems and networked environments
Free Reader
Freely distributable diagram reader for others to read your diagrams without the product or a license
Linking and Embedding in Documents
OLE-enabled to allow copy/paste to documents of other programs, including Insert Object and Object Linking
Common Features
Text and Labels
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Full-featured Text
Text within figures or labels can include a mixture of fonts, colors, sizes, and styles
Text Wrapping
Text can be configured to wrap within the existing dimensions of a figure or label
Superscripts and Subscripts
Superscripted and subscripted text is useful for mathematical and scientific applications
Text Justification
Text in figures or labels can be left, right, or center justified, plus vertical justification as well
Flow Labels
Attach text labels to the point where a connector meets a figure
Inline Connector Labels
Attach text labels to any connector inline (over) the connector line.
Snap and Drop Labels
Drop or snap labels into place as figure labels, connector labels, or flow labels, also attach and detach manually
Rotate Text
Limited text rotation capability - rotate labels (not figures) by 90 degrees left or right
Configurable Line Spacing
Spacing between lines of text can be customized in a wide variety of ways
Use tabs to format text and add custom left, right, center, or decimal justified tab stops
Label Background Color
A label can be assigned a fill color for a background
Automatic Text Scaling
Label text automatically scales when the label is resized. Figures can be programmed this way as well
Auto Expand
Figures can be configured to automatically grow in size when the text grows
Text Fields
Insert automatically fields in text such as file name and file creation and save times.
Common Features
Lines and Connectors
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Connector Features
Flip, snip, connect, attach, detach, add/remove arrows, and more
Pre-defined Terminator Gallery
Symbol gallery with many different arrowheads and other terminator symbols appropriate for each product
Curved Connectors
Connecting lines can be straight, rounded, curved, or smoothes
Line Styles
Lines can be any width, color, thickness, or pattern
Automatically show jogs also called jumps or crossovers where a connector crosses another
Flow Symbols
Define symbols drawn along the length of any line
Drop into Flows
Drop figures into existing flows
Curved connectors that follow the path of a circular arc. Includes support for full loops (self-transitions) and different stretch methods.
Common Features
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Versatile Figure Creation
Many ways to create figures including style bar buttons, style bar combo box, drop menu, style chooser screen, and others. Methods include drag and drop, stamp, stamp-and-resize, lasso create, snap in place, and so on.
Pre-defined Symbol Gallery
Symbol gallery with a variety of categorized symbols
Fill Gradients
Attractive and versatile two-color fill gradients with many options and presets including any angle, intensity, linear, elliptical, bell curve, gamma-correction, platform, and spread control
Copy/Paste Fill
Easily copy and paste one figure's or style's fill to another
High quality smooth drop shadows with programmable color, opacity, diffusion, and offsets
Reshape complex shapes by dragging reshape handles
Add a fill color to imported graphics to tint or color them to fit your diagram
Outlines and Border
Border lines for shapes can be any color, width, pattern or style
Figure Snap Options
Figures can be configured to snap to the grid in multiple ways including center snap, edges snap, height and width snap
Adjustable Figure Margins
Control the spacing between figure edges and the text
Resize in multiple ways by handles, dimensions, or making the same size as other objects. Option to keep center stationary.
Common Features
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Standard Editing
Cut, copy, paste, delete, duplicate, drag-copy, drag-duplicate, select all, deselect all
Fit to Text Feature
Shift and Nudge
Use arrow keys and snap mode to shift or nudge objects
Ordering Features
Front, Back, Front One, and Back One
Group objects together, plus Ungroup, Ungroup All, Regroup
Multiple Undo
Undo multiple operations
Search and Replace
Basic text find and replace tool
Drag and Drop
Drop diagrams into the program, or drop graphics directly into your diagram
Common Features
Layout and Arrangement
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Snap and Align Grid
Configurable snap grid and alignment grid to help simplify layout - grid can be dots, lines, or neither
Align Features
Space Evenly Features
Snap Straight Lines and connections are guided towards being straight even when conflicting with the snap grid
Center on Page Features
Common Features
Interface and Usage
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
English or Metric
Choose English units (inches) or metric units (cm)
Collapsible Style Bar
The style bar can be collapsed to free up the entire screen for a diagram
Customize Toolbars and Style Bar
Add/remove toolbar buttons and configure the toolbars and style bars in the most convenient way. Three toolbar icon sizes.
Check for Updates
Feature checks for new version and optionally reminds you periodically to perform the check
Optional ruler bars to help with size and layouts
Optional tooltips help show toolbar functions, style usage, color names, and more
Multiple Color Palettes
Select from a variety of color palettes
Common Features
Styles and Templates
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Style Categories
Styles can be organized into categories for easier access and identification
Custom Templates and Styles
Create custom-defined styles and save them as your own diagram templates
Styles Based On
Create or change styles based on the properties of any object
Reapply Style Feature
Reapply the original style properties to any object.
Common Features
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
Scroll and Pan Features
Scrollbars, drag scroll, mouse wheel scroll, arrow scroll, auto-scroll dragging, and more
Zoom Features
Zoom in, zoom out, zoom intervals, lasso zoom tool, zoom to page, zoom to page width, zoom to all or selected objects, mouse wheel zoom, keyboard zoom, and more
Follow Hyperlinks
Follow hyperlinks between diagrams and to web pages. Navigate forward and back like a browser
Common Features
File and Printing
WizFlow EDGE LanFlow UML
Standard Pro
File Features
Revert, Save All, Print all, Save Template, Save HTML
Multiple Document Editing
Open multiple diagrams, or multiple windows for the same diagram including standard tiling and cascading features
Diagram Wizard
Use the diagram wizard to set initial characteristics of a diagram
Import Graphics
Import graphics formats BMP, DIB, WMF, EMF, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF. intelligently calculating bounds and shape
Export Graphics
Export to graphics formats BMP, DIB, WMF, EMF, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF
Poster and Virtual Page Layout
Create diagrams of any size up to 62 inches. Divide into poster pages or virtual (printer) pages - adjustable margins
Auto Save and Backup
Automatically save or backup diagrams as you work
Page Margins
Fully configurable page margins including stitching margins between poster pages
Crop Marks
Optional crop marks on printed pages show where to trim and attach pages to create a poster
Print to any Windows printer, any paper size up to 62 inches. Virtual paper sizes not supported by printer. Print preview, print all, print set-up, multiple copies, portrait or landscape
PDF Output
While direct PDF output is not supported, any product can produce PDF files using a PDF printer driver such as the freeware doPDF product found at