About Pacestar Software
Pacestar Software is a privately held company based in Gilbert Arizona. Pacestar has been in business since 1990 providing block and flow diagramming tools for all personal and professional needs.

Our goal is to provide the most easy, flexible, and powerful tools for anyone who needs to create and maintain diagrams for productivity. We strive to understand the demands of our customers and respond quickly to meeting their growing needs. Our customers range from one-time users making a quick diagram for a document, to professional engineers in large workgroups who maintain complex diagrams as their primary function. We thrive on the challenge of satisfying these diverse needs by integrating power, simplicity, and reliability and supporting each customer as if they were our first and last.

Pacestar's management has been at the leading edge of Windows software development almost since the beginning. As the industry has grown and expanded, we have developed a unique ability to keep the product focused on customer requirements rather than chasing every technological fad and buzzword to come along. This bottom-line approach is reflected in our company name. It reflects a focus on efficiency both in product development and in conducting business.

As pioneers in Try-Before-You-Buy, Pacestar has pursued all the most innovative and creative distribution and marketing channels. Today we can remain small and still reach anyone with a computer. We hope we helped set an example of how teh internet 'should' be used used - free distribution of useful quality software, free updates, responsive support, immediate bug fixes, reliability, safety, and security.

Some of the organizations that have entrusted Pacestar Software with their diagramming needs include the following:

Eli Lilly
General Motors
General Electric
Western Digital
Philip Morris
US Airforce
US Army
US Navy
Bell Canada
National Science Foundation
Stanford University
Ernst and Young
University of Nebraska
Deloitte and Touche
Arizona State University
The World Bank
Purdue University
Veterans Administration
Internal Revenue Service
MIT's Lincoln Laboratory
University of Notre Dame
National Institutes of Health
Centers for Disease Control
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
The European Patent Office
US Naval Academy