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Pick-up / Download Full Version
Download the full (licensed) version of the software to complete your order. You will need the install password that was sent with your order confirmation to set-up and run the software.
The full version will automatically replace the trial version or any previous version without losing any diagrams you have saved.

VER 7.30   07/15/24

  1. Obtain a valid install password
  2. Download and open the installer
  3. Follow the instructions to install
If you have a valid install password from a previous purchase, you can use this download to upgrade to the current version or replace a lost or corrupted installation using your previous password. However, install passwords may expire and you may need to contact us to request re-authorization (see below).

If you have not yet purchased a license
You can download a free 30-day trial or purchase a license now and return to download and install the full version.

If you own a license but have lost your password (or it expired)
Click on the link below to request an authorization and receive a new password by e-mail. Please allow up to 24 hours.

Submit re-authorization request for LanFlow 7.30
Your e-mail address is usually all we need to verify your license. However if your license was purchased using different identifying details, please supply them in the comment field. Identifying details might include the name of the purchaser, the company, or the invoice or confirmation number.